E.F.T. via Skype


I would  just like to thank Katharina Murdoch for all her help and patience in helping me with the E.F.T. Tapping Technique she helped me with on line.

I found this very helpful. I didn’t know if I was doing it properly by myself. To be shown by Katharina  and to see her and doing it with her was such a great help. It was also helpful how she taught me what to say while doing this technique because I found it difficult to say the right words. She also had a great understanding for my situation. She was able to say how I was really feeling even without me telling her everything.

Even though I have done only one session so far, I have found it to be extremely helpful. It has made me more positive in my thinking, experiencing relief straight away. I know that more relief is coming, whenever I feel  bad and I do it straight away.

Carol Ann

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