HCG – I recommend this health correction plan


People wondered why is this diet any different from all the other diets? The diets that make you hungry, and end up putting the weight back on, plus more?

This is the story of my own journey so far…
My mentor Katharina Murdoch is a kinesiologist and using her skills with a SCIO device she is able to combine the HCG teachings and her knowledge of a new technology to help us correct our health problems.

When I first started, my mind says its going to be a famine but as it progressed, I did not feel any hunger at all if I followed correctly. What fascinates me is the fact that the device can read what my day to day health adjustments need to be and as a complimentary to her students, she administers that for us. A day to day monitoring, and the mentoring of her skills that makes me feel loved to good health and vitality.

After 40 days at first, I decided to continue for another 26 days. In the process I lost 17 kgs…without hunger pangs lol! I am now in the maintenance phase of it, and I have
been stabilized at 88.2kg and loving my food.

I recommend this health correction plan to any who wish to see their own youthful vitality and energy restored. This is one goal I can say hurray to with much passion, and know that it really works.

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