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Hi all who are thinking of doing the HCG diet. I was so happy to hear of a diet that was a treatment and I would have a mentor and that when I reached my target weight I wouldn’t put it back on again!! I thought to myself this is wonderful if it really works so I gave it a try.

Yes it was a little difficult the first day or two getting used to it and not having my chocolate but once you get into it its much easier as we have the help of the HCG and SCIO device.

When I felt hungry (which wasn’t often) all I had to do was tell my mentor Katharina and she fixed it with the SCIO. If I felt tiredness or anything unusual I just reported it to Katharina and the problem was always sorted.

I was so happy to see the weight coming off almost every day. Some days it didn’t shift but my mentor always assured me it would and sure enough it did. I was able to shift 1 1/2 stone (9.52kg) in 3 weeks and I felt so much better.

The great things about this diet is that I had such a wonderful mentor. Sometimes she skyped me and gave me advice. She texted me encouraging me all the way. I felt this was just so helpful and vital for me to keep going in. I also loved it because it was a detox too and I felt more energy and my pains in hands and knees felt so much less. All in all it was just a great experience and look forward to having another 3 weeks soon.

Even though I have gone back to normal eating I find I am not eating as large a quantity and I have not gone over my target weight. This is just amazing!! Carol Ann. 🙂

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