Jun 042012

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HCG is a Hormone and stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a natural hormone produced in the human body. It is the hormone that only pregnant woman make in their urine. This is how doctors determine via urin whether a woman is pregnant or not.

Dr. A.T.W Simeons in his book “Pounds and Inches” shares a brief description what he observed while in India. They had a lot of fat boys that looked feminine. People were worried about this. Somebody there decided that they should give them HCG and try to make them more masculine. This is research. What happened was, they lost all the abnormal fat on breasts and hips, and looked more masculine. They looked at these boys and seen it takes away the ABNORMAL fat.

Dr Simeons then brought this knowledge back to Italy, Rome, where he helped many people with issues of obesity. You will read this story in the book above mentioned.
What he did was inject the patient with HCG and set them on a strict 500 Calorie diet for either 26 or 40 days, depending.

What I will do is to give you HCG energetically.
You do not need to be present in my praxis – you can literally be in your own home.
However you will have to follow the strict rule laid down in Dr. Simeons’ book concerning the diet.
I will coach you via FaceBook messaging in your personal profile.

1. The client takes responsibility and downloads the book by Dr. Simeons and reads all 40 Pages before deciding to do the diet.

2. The client takes 100% responsibility and keeps to the terms in the book concerning the 500 calories.

3. The client will be richly rewarded by a loss of the abnormal “bad” fat, and enjoy a juvenated slimmer healthier body.

4. This is the least expensive HCG diet available and works well for women, men or children.

May 222012

We all know by now that stress is the cause of many ailments. In fact it causes 85% of all illnesses. It is negative emotions that cause highly charged emotional stress leading to illness.

Being angry, even feel rage, guilty or full of blame, greedy and unforgiving – you name them; they all affect us in a negative way. Most often we are not aware of it but only when we are not feeling well, not feeling good. The bad news is emotional stress will always harm us  and not the other person. Even though we feel justified – if we relive that stress day by day we will only harm ourselves.

If you harbor resentment it is like literally swimming in a pool of negative emotion. I heard it said, that resentment and anger are like throwing dust into the wind. We know what will happen then.
Resentment is a feeling where we feel stuck in the past, unable to move forward. You live in the past history and cannot be energetic in the present moment.

We talk about investments – the best investment you can make is, investing your energy into vibrancy and health, letting go of old history investments which bring ill effects.

I am so happy and grateful that I can help you to do just that, letting go of the past and the associated stress and experience wellbeing.

May 202012

The newspaper 20 Minutes recently had this headline:
Children suffer more frequently from rheumatism

Seemingly it is not just older people now who suffer with this unpleasant condition it has spread to even to children. Children experience pain to climb stairs, do physical exercises be it in school or elsewhere. They experience painful inflamed joints and muscles.

Stress which has various forms is the culprit for such painful revelation in the physical body.
As unbelievable as it is, it is children who now suffer from Rheumatism. It is not only adults and older people with this malicious condition, children alike are caught in it. This vicious circle of stress which has many unwanted side effects is not what you want. What can be done?

Reducing stress in your body can alleviate its symptoms. The therapies I use are primarily used to reduce stress.