A Client’s Tribute – The Therapist by Katesha Wesche



Stagnant for life
in weight and healthwise
as diets come and go
like a yo-yo show

Katharina appears
said nothing to fear
correct your health goals
and health will be gold

We embark on a plan
HCG and SCIO scans
discovered it works
if you’re serious I bet

Her mentoring is great
from phase to phase
Her SCIO machine
says things about me
and she works all day
to correct anyway

Her heart of gold
is something to hold
her goals is to see
how vitality should be
a lifelong goal
worthy to hold

Come one come all
Its time to behold
the therapist is real
her work is unreal..
it fascinates me
that the machine can see
and read by degrees

The therapist is beautiful
with a positive attitude
her work of love
spell out from her heart
“who can have a virtuous woman
for her price is far above rubies”

by Katesa Wesche