Stress and Dis-ease

Disease, Stress

We all know by now that stress is the cause of many ailments. In fact it causes 85% of all illnesses. It is negative emotions that cause highly charged emotional stress leading to illness.

Being angry, even feel rage, guilty or full of blame, greedy and unforgiving – you name them; they all affect us in a negative way. Most often we are not aware of it but only when we are not feeling well, not feeling good. The bad news is emotional stress will always harm usĀ  and not the other person. Even though we feel justified – if we relive that stress day by day we will only harm ourselves.

If you harbor resentment it is like literally swimming in a pool of negative emotion. I heard it said, that resentment and anger are like throwing dust into the wind. We know what will happen then.
Resentment is a feeling where we feel stuck in the past, unable to move forward. You live in the past history and cannot be energetic in the present moment.

We talk about investments – the best investment you can make is, investing your energy into vibrancy and health, letting go of old history investments which bring ill effects.

I am so happy and grateful that I can help you to do just that, letting go of the past and the associated stress and experience wellbeing.