Stress, Children and Rheumatism


The newspaper 20 Minutes recently had this headline:
Children suffer more frequently from rheumatism

Seemingly it is not just older people now who suffer with this unpleasant condition it has spread to even to children. Children experience pain to climb stairs, do physical exercises be it in school or elsewhere. They experience painful inflamed joints and muscles.

Stress which has various forms is the culprit for such painful revelation in the physical body.
As unbelievable as it is, it is children who now suffer from Rheumatism. It is not only adults and older people with this malicious condition, children alike are caught in it. This vicious circle of stress which has many unwanted side effects is not what you want. What can be done?

Reducing stress in your body can alleviate its symptoms. The therapies I use are primarily used to reduce stress.